Private F&Q

Do I need a credit card to join?
No, only if you decide to post an item for sale or service.

What is the cost to post an item for sale or service?
The cost per post is $5.00 for a period of 30 days, once your post gets close to end date you will receive an email reminder with the option to Re-Post at the repost fee of $5.00.

Can my posting be flagged and deleted?
Only if your posting is fraudulent, we will review all complaints and act accordingly along with an email to you about the outcome.
Very rare this will happen, no worries...

What form of payment are accepted?
Mastercard, Visa, Amex. Your payment will be processed by Stripe Payments all your transactions are private and 100% secure.
Rest assured, your credit card and personal information is never seen by or stored in our systems ever.

Will I receive an invoice for my payments for my records?
Yes of course, you may login to your account dashboard, click on account, scroll to invoices you can download or email invoices.

How many vehicles can I post on one ad?
You will be allowed to post only one item per posting, we monitor for this and any abuse will result in deletion of your account.



Take advantage of this offer, all your offered items will be posted in your own store page so prospective customers can view all you have to offer.
1. To accomplish this simply login to your account,
2. Click on my account, scroll down to Account Info, click open (UPGRADE TO STORE) 
3. Click dropdown to enable
4. Add your Store Name and phone (important)
5. Click submit


Register or login to your account dashboard
1. Once your logged in to your account you will notice a green box on the top of page with a plus sign, click on this to begin.
2. Add your title, add a good desciption of your item 
3. Choose your category
4. Include your price click if negatiable.
5. Contact Details,choose your State and city (important) Click Hide email in ad  is recommended.
6. Complete all the catagory fields that apply to your post.
7. Add any URLs that apply to your post
8. Photo Gallery, click on browse, locate your picture file. You may upload one pic at a time or just left click and drag mouse to highlight all and click open, this will upload all at one time.
9. Your best image should be first, you will notice a blue cross on bottom of each image, click on it, hold and drag to first postion, thats it.
10. Click submit, if all areas required are not complete you will be notified before you can submit again.
11. Lastly on you have clicked SUBMIT you will be brought to our PACKAGES page, choose and click the one that applies to your business.
Enter your credit card information as requested by STRIPE then click FINISH.

Great job your post is now live.
You can view your posting on main the page or catagory, you also may edit and maintain post within your dashboard area.


Important: Please take the time to login to your dashboard and scroll around to get familiar with your options.
You will have your own mail INBOX to check regularly for questions from potentail buyers along with review of your posting stats.     

Happy Selling, Good luck and thank you for trying


Any addition questions or comments?
Please contact us by contact for, important to include in the subject line your urgent matter